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今天星期几用英语有以下2种表达 : 1、What day is today 2、What day is it today 短语:今天星期几/几号 What day is it 扩展资料 1、今天星期几?几天星期五。 What day is today? It is Friday. 2、能不能告诉我今天星期几? Can you tell m...

您好,这句话的翻译如下: 今天是星期几?:What day is it today? 希望能够帮到你,望采纳,谢谢!

What day is it? 我确定以及肯定,绝对是这个,额班老师有讲哦,呵呵!希望可以帮你解决这个题哦,加油咯!

What day is it today 今天是星期几 例句: 1、What day is it today? It's wednesday. let's go and play football. 今天星期几?星期三。我们去踢足球吧。 2、Hi, Mary! What day is it today? 喂,玛丽!今天是星期几? 3、Go to school? Wha...

What day is today? =What day is it today?今天星期几?

今天星期几 这个句子 用英语表达 翻译为 : What day of the week is it today?

今天星期几 what day is today ----------------------------- 希望采纳,你的支持我们的动力!

回答和翻译如下: What day is it today?今天星期几? What's the date today?今天几日 What 's the weather like today?/ How is the weather today?今天天气怎么样?

分别是 What's today's date? 和 What day is today? 看了其他回答,顺便提一下,不是data,是date date是日期 data是数据,不能互用

1、Today is Monday 2、It is Monday today. 词汇解析: today 英文发音:təˈdeɪ] 中文释义:n.今天;今日;现在;当今;当代 例句: Look, I wanted to apologize for today. I think I was a little hard on you. 听我说,我想就今...

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