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He couldn't make up his mind whether he should work in a big city when he graduated as a freshman.

I don't know if they can play chess with my door.

他能否按时到达,现在还不知道的翻译是:Whether he can arrive on time, it is not known yet

回答和翻译如下: 我不知道这是怎么了,他不在了,我不知道该和谁说,能和你吗? I don't know what's wrong with him. He's gone. I don't know who to say. Can I join you?

修改如下: 1)and let me can't believe my self ==》can't believe myself. 2), that let me can't help myself. ==》that I can't help holding. 3)The result is how i suffer from my emotion,i want to chat with you everytime. =》 Suff...

I don't know if he will give me a call when he is five days. 我不知道他五天到的时候是否会给我打电话


正是他的秘书It is his secretary. 扩大营业范围Expanded the scope of business 但是如果他们不知道呢?But if they don't know? 好像生病了Look ill 肯定熬夜了Must have stayed up too late

翻译:与滚柱罩组件一起同时插入圆筒形滚柱轴承的外环,直到外环接触到密封套管,(组件和外环)分别接触到轮轴肩突。 注释:在until it touches the sealing sleeve, respectively the hub shoulder 从句中,the sealing sleeve 和the hub shou...

他们不知道做什么来表达对生活的感激 They don't know what to do to express gratitude for life.

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