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酷狗听下:Sarvar——Abv By

please don't go 听听?

Wait A minute Everybody listen all over the world I got a story 'bout my favorite girl (Wait a minute) Oh, my baby sexy for sure I had to have him when he walked through the door (Wait a minute) She was 'bout to drive me insane...

应该是true吧spandua ballet唱的

应该是please don’t go 你试试吧 很好听的

演唱者为著名拉丁男歌手Enrique Iglesias ,歌曲名字为《not in love》.

我也在找这首,不过我找到了,不知道是不是你要找的。 Freaks(Radio Edit)

Yael Naim 的New Soul,不过开头怎么听都不是架子鼓敲棍的声音,明明听起来是钢琴一轻一重的声音,唱的时候才有架子鼓的敲击声,节凑不要太欢快,节奏感很强,难道不是这个?

Hard Out Here - Lily Allen I supposed I should tell you what this bitch is thinking You'll find me in the studio and not in the kitchen I will be bragging about my cars Or talking about my chains Don't need to shape my ass for ...


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