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用"BE ClosE to"造句

The post office is close to the supermarket. 邮局在超市的旁边。

be close to造句 靠近 It's close to the shop. 临近商店。

The shop is close to my school

Asia,Africa,and Australia would be civilised by England,and covered with new states modelled after the English fashion.(大意:亚洲、非洲、澳洲所接受的将是英国的文化,许多以英国为榜样的新国家将陆续出现。) It is likely to rain....

病句 是close home home是副词 不能用介词to 造句 The school closes home 好象也是病句 应该是 The school closes to my home home后面接物主代词可以接to

A slowdown in china's growth may come close to being a hard landing. 中国的经济增长放缓,可能会接近于一次硬着陆。 接近close to being

How does the story end up? 这人故事是怎么结束的? We'll end up paying much more. 结果会花好多钱 think of v. 考虑, 关心, 想起, 想象, 有...的看法, 记起 think of think of (about),dream of (about) think of (about) 可以用来表示对问...

What kind of sample size do you need to generally get close to that actual? 为了得到接近实际的的结果,你一般需要什么样大小的样本?

It comes close to the deadline of the project.

brink back :边缘后退 Its political leaders often approach the brink but step back to close ranks when undersufficient pressure. 该国政治领导人常常靠近悬崖边上,然而一旦遭遇巨大压力,他们就会后退靠拢在一起。

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